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Treskri is heavily inspired by Greek, Roman and Celtic mythology.
Other inspirations include: Drowtales, Crusader Kings 1 & 2, Forgotten Realms, Rokugan, Game of Thrones.


The world is a vast underground of a planet. There is no known way to reach the surface and the inhabitants aren’t aware of the fact that it is underground. Therefore, they measure ‘depth’ as the distance from the planet’s core – that is, the Lower World is the furthest from the core and the coldest, while the Higher World is the closest to the core and the hottest.

Because the planet’s core fluctuates and flashes, they can measure time without using magic. Their year has 12 months and every month has 4 weeks 8 days each.

The world itself, beyond the cities inhabited by elves and other races (that is, dwarves and short folk), is very dangerous. Death is very common; however, the deities often grant resurrection or rather, reincarnation.

There are, so far, three known cities in the world.

Magic is pretty rare in the world, with clerical magic present a little more than arcane magic. Arcane magic uses crystals as foci, but both types of magic require that the caster be in the deity’s favor.

The deities have much influence over the world – they have their servants and offspring and heroes. There is a creator deity, 8 greater deities – that is why 8 is the holy number – and some lesser deities. Heroes might also eventually become deities.

Most noble houses trace their descent from one of the deities, which is their patron, and they assume the deity’s colors as their own. The colors and the coats of arms are some of the most important things in the world.

The First and the Second Era are purely legendary times; timekeeping starts in the Third Era, approximately 800 years ago.


The world runs on homebrewed mechanics, which started as an easier version of D&D. They feature stamina points and deity favor points and Action Points and point buy character creation (20 points at start) and Difficulty Checks and eight attributes – Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, Reflex, Intelligence, Willpower, Intuition and Perception.

There are seven base classes (three martial – rogue, ranger and fighter; four casters – bard, mage, druid and cleric) and everything else is rolled into advancement paths (roughly the equivalent of PrCs). Many PrCs don’t exist, though, since there is no concept of caster level.
There are no monks and no paladins, since they don’t fit the world concept.
I had an aristocrat class ready, but I can’t find it right now in the notes.

Feats and special qualities and special attacks were first rolled into a single category called ‘advantages’ and then largely reworked.


I think this suffices for the most important information. I will, of course, write more here, should someone ask for it. However, I am now focused not only on developing the world (in Polish, since it’s my mother tongue), but also on writing a story set in it (also in Polish).

That is why I am not willing to translate everything I have noted down over the course of the last year – the fact that I am starting another year at uni notwithstanding.

OOC: The reason the world is set underground is because I wanted 3-dimensional movement and changing gravity. Some of my friends made me drop the idea, saying it is unmanageable.


More info:

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Here is more on the mechanics.

Dark Magic ch. 5
female, drow
Several weeks passed and Severus had destroyed all the alcohol bottles remaining in his flat. He did not wish for a repeat; he had to learn his self-control. He’d already cast a spell meant to wake her and soon after, he’d managed to find a wand – so he destroyed his old one, so that the Aurors would not connect him with the spell. Alas, the spell that was to wake Lily either worked very slowly or with great delay…
Snape was looking through his bookshelves, wondering which books to keep and which to destroy because they were too full of dark magic, too old or too dangerous. It was then that he heard it. At first he thought he was dreaming or hallucinating.
Her voice. The voice he had not heard in years. He’d forgotten how beautiful it was. It was to him like the sweetest music. It took him a long moment to realize that Lily was screaming. Screaming in mortal terror.
‘James! Harry!… Harry!…’
He woke from his stupor and ran to her room. Lily was sitting on the bed, her hand searching for a wand, looking desperately every which way. Her eyes widened when she saw him.
‘Where’s my child?! Where’s my Harry?!’
He drank in the sight of her face, eyes, mouth, her wavy hair. Only after a while did he realize who she was calling. Potter… and her child.
‘Your son is safe, Lily’ Severus informed her, fighting the smile that threatened to appear on his face.
‘Where I am?! Where’s V-Voldemort?’ she pronounced the name in a whisper, as if she were afraid.
‘You’re at my place. You’re safe. Voldemort is no more’ this time he really smiled.
‘No more?’ she looked at him as if he were mad.
‘Voldemort is dead. Your son has defeated him’
‘That’s not possible! A moment ago he- he-’ Lily’s voice broke ‘James is dead…’
The Potions Master gave a low groan. She cared about James? She should be happy, she should have welcomed him. Wait… did she say “a moment ago”?
‘What’s the last thing you remember, Lily?’
The woman burst into tears.
‘Voldemort- he tells me to move aside. He wants to kill my child. I can hear him cast Avada Kedavra-’
Severus cursed.
‘It’s the past, Lily. You were asleep for a long time. You’ve saved the boy. You’re safe. The war has finished’
Lily clutched the quilt closer to her and stared at him disbelievingly.
‘Do I know you? You speak as if I did…’
Snape took a deep breath. Lily didn’t recognize him! It took him a moment to realize she remembered him the way he was at Hogwarts. He was thirty-nine now, not seventeen…
‘It’s me, Severus. I’m just older…’
As soon as he heard what he said, he berated himself in his thoughts. What an idiocy! Only in her company did he say such dunderheaded things…
‘Sev!’ Lily tossed the quilt aside and clung to him, crying hysterically. She was so upset that her entire body shook. ‘When you said that- I’ve slept for a long time- I thought- that you were dead- James is dead- you look- as if years had passed-’
‘Lily, calm down. Your son is alive. You and I are alive. We’re safe. Just, a few years have passed, it’s all. Should I bring you a Peace Draught? I’d Accio it, but it’s a Muggle neighborhood…’
The woman sniffed and nodded. When he returned, Lily was arranging the quilt back on the bed, wiping at her tears with a hand. Her arms were still shaking. She accepted the potion gratefully.
‘Who was taking care of me when I slept?’ she asked in a calmer voice.
‘I was’ Severus said.
‘Is this my room? My clothes-’ she walked to the wardrobe ‘you’ve cooked what I like’ she glanced at the tray on the nightstand.
‘Everything for you-’
‘I thought- you’d joined them’
‘I was a spy’ he said shortly.
The woman nodded. Severus sat on the bed, next to her. He reveled in the fact that he had her next to him, that she was breathing, moving, talking.
‘Yes?’ he smiled upon hearing his name.
‘Thank you’ she hesitated for a moment ‘Will you tell me what happened while I was asleep? If the war has finished… Who’s died?’
The Potions Master was filtering his information in his head for a while – what he can tell her in the entirety, what he can reveal partially and what he should keep from her.
‘Alice Longbottom and her husband are in St. Mungo’s – Bella. Her son is in his grandmother’s care – I seem to recall her name was Augusta? Bellatrix is dead, she got what she deserved. All the Marauders are dead. Black died some time ago by Bella’s hand. Lupin died at the end of the war, together with his wife - I don’t suppose you knew Nymphadora Tonks, Andromeda’s daughter - their son is in his grandmother’s care. Dorcas has been dead for a long time- the Death Eaters.’ Severus swallowed. ‘Albus is dead too, a powerful curse. Avery, Mulciber and the others are dead. Lucius Malfoy and his wife - Narcissa Black, remember her? – are quite well. I don’t know what happened to the others, say, Mary MacDonald…’
Lily pressed her hands to her temples and bowed her head.
‘So much has happened. I can’t believe it. Sev, my head hurts. Can I go outside?’
‘You’ve been sleeping for so long. I’ll bring something for headache presently. You shouldn’t go out. Several years have passed. I live elsewhere, you’d get lost. Besides, you’d attract undue attention, appearing suddenly after all this time…’


Dark Magic ch. 4
female, drow
Harry Potter shifted from one leg to the other. He could not stop thinking about what Ginny had suggested. Maybe Snape had survived after all? Or maybe it’s some unknown girlfriend of his mother’s? Did Molly and his mother know each other? Or Alice, Neville’s poor mother? Ron – or Hermione, to be exact – advised him to look for answers in the old Hogwarts yearbooks…
‘Enter’ a voice with distinct Scottish accent said.
The young Auror turned the knob and walked inside. He looked around. Nothing seemed to have changed here at first glance. The portraits on the wall hung just the way they did when he was here last – two years ago, just after he’d defeated Voldemort.
‘Good morning, Pro- Headmistress…’
McGonagall waved her hand, ignoring his slip. Harry sat in the place she indicated. He saw sadness in his old teacher’s eyes.
‘I am so very sorry, Mr. Potter. I’ve heard what happened. Your mother – Lily – Miss Evans… was one of my favorite students’
‘Cursed newspapers’ Harry muttered under his breath ‘My boss wants me to explain it… Did my mother have any enemies at school?’
‘Miss Evans was well liked in Gryffindor. I’d think your father and his friends were the closest to her enemies… but then, it was just youthful stupidity – name calling, pointing fingers. I cannot imagine someone hating her that much… Or maybe it was the Death Eaters?’
‘Pardon? Oh, yeah. I don’t think it likely. If they wanted to, they’ve had more than enough time all those years. It had to be someone who could not have done … it… earlier. Did Lily have any close friends? I thought- maybe someone who was very close to her- maybe she wanted to move her somewhere else…’
‘Or cannot come to terms with her death’ McGonagall added thoughtfully. ‘Your mother was close to Dorcas Meadowes and Alice… Alice Longbottom’
‘Oh’ Harry realized that trace led nowhere. Dorcas was dead, and Alice was locked in St. Mungo for years.
‘Do you consider men also, Mr. Potter?’
Harry shrugged.
‘We can’t leave anything out right now’
‘The first person that comes to my mind is Severus. Professor Snape to you. I remember they were very close. I do not know what happened to make them cut all ties. Maybe it was about your father… Severus has always hated him.’
‘Well, but the Professor is dead… Maybe I could talk to his portrait?’
‘I am afraid it’s impossible, Mr. Potter’ before Potter opened his mouth to protest, Minerva pointed her hand at the wall ‘As you can see, Professor Snape’s portrait has not appeared. I do cannot recall such a happening. Maybe it was decided that Severus was not Headmaster?’
Harry cursed under his breath and McGonagall threw him a severe look.
‘Anyone else?’ when the Headmistress shook her head, the young Auror rubbed his face, frustrated. ‘Great. Did- did my mum have any admirers aside from my father?’
Minerva lifted her eyebrows – she did not expect such a question.
‘Of course. Miss Evans was very popular… but- let’s say- her expectations were high. But I am afraid that it leads nowhere… Most of those boys are dead now.’
‘Can you remember any names, ma’am?’
‘Only two. Your father… and Severus.’
‘Professor Snape?’
‘Indeed. I’ve always suspected there was more than friendship ‘twixt him and Lily. Horace thinks the same. I cannae be sure, though. I only know Severus was deeply hurt by her death.’
Harry rubbed his face.
‘So you’d suspect Professor Snape the soonest, ma’am?’
‘Yes’ Minerva nodded.
There was a knock on the office door. It opened after a moment and Ron Weasley came in.
‘G’day, Pro- ee- Headmistress. Harry, we’ve got to go. Boss wants something again. What did you find?’
‘Professor McGonagall suspects Professor Snape. His portrait is not here, we can’t learn anything more. Pity’
‘Did Snape leave anything behind? Maybe you could get boss to agree to searching his quarters next time…’
‘Horace took Severus’s quarters. I’ve made sure that everything Severus left is packed and protected. If the Auror Office wished so, you would be able to gain access to these things’
The Aurors looked at each other.
‘We’ll try to get to it. Thank you, Headmistress, ma’am.’
Ron just scrapped his legs on the floor and they left the office.


Servitude ch. 11
female, drow
Severus was watching master Potter play with little master Teddy while he finished placing Potions on the shelves – high enough so that the child would not be able to reach them. Sometimes the slave thought his master enjoyed playing even more than the child did. He remembered what he’d heard once about Potter’s childhood.
Teddy was chasing a snitch that his godfather commandeered… so Potter used the moment to come closer and examine the Potions vials on the shelves – Dreamless Sleep, Blood Replenisher, dittany… more bottles that the young Auror could not exactly identify, but knew were used in healing.
‘You want to start an apothecary, Severus? I’d thought you wanted to brew for our use…’
‘Those Potions are for your use, master Potter, and for your wife’s. The career of an Auror or a Quidditch player is dangerous…’
The younger wizard looked from the shelves stashed full of Potions to Severus. The Potions Master saw gratitude in his eyes, and then Potter took his glasses off to wipe nervously at his eyes. Severus wanted to berate him like he would little master Teddy.
He walked away, remembering he has other duties… besides, he did not wish to listen to master Potter’s expressions of gratitude. While he was cleaning the drawing room, he watched mistress Potter flying in the garden. He wondered how she can enjoy so much that what is now her job.
Suddenly the doorbell rang. Severus saw Ginny Potter land in order to welcome the guest. He quickly stashed the rags and the mop away. He tried to blend in with the shadows – after all, the guest came to see the Potters.
Mistress Potter led a middle-aged brown-haired woman into the room. If not for the color, Snape would have mistaken the guest for Bellatrix Lestrange – she had the very same face. Her mouth was shaped like Narcissa Malfoy’s. The slave knew whom he saw even before little master Teddy ran into the room.
‘Nana!’ Teddy Lupin cried.
Master Potter followed a few steps behind the boy. His face lit up when he saw Andromeda Tonks.
‘It’s good to see you again, Dromeda’ he said ‘I was afraid you got sick again…’
‘I feel alright. I just needed some rest’ Severus saw a shadow in Andromeda’s eyes. The Potters seemed to notice it too, for they exchanged looks.
‘Teddy has got a lot of energy, sometimes a little too much’
‘Dora was the same’ mistress Tonks sighed.
Snape remembered that Andromeda Tonks had lost her husband, daughter and son-in-law in the war. Her only family was the little boy running excitedly at her feet. Severus thought of the three Black sisters. He’d known the eldest, Bellatrix, quite well. The middle one, Andromeda, he knew a bit less. The youngest, Narcissa, had just started when he finished school. Now only Narcissa and Andromeda were alive… Andromeda, who was wiped out from the family tree because she’d married a Muggle-born.
He looked up to find master Potter staring straight at him. The young Auror got up from the table and approached him. ‘Severus… do you know Andromeda?’
The slave nodded. He opened his mouth to ask, but he changed his mind and closed it.
‘What did you want to ask?’
‘Do Narcissa and Andromeda…’ he hesitated, searching for a correct word ‘maintain a form of contact?’
‘Ask her yourself’ Potter pushed him towards Andromeda like he would little master Teddy.
Andromeda Tonks turned to face him when she heard footsteps. Upon seeing him, she sank heavily into the chair, her face bloodless. Ginny Potter placed a hand on her arm.
‘Severus! I’d heard that you were dead… that Voldemort…’
‘The news are not always true, mistress Tonks. You should know this fact well.’
The woman sighed.
‘Was it worth it? The Dark Mark? I was in my fourth year when you graduated… when you joined him…’
‘What do you mean?’ Snape furrowed his brow.
‘They said you did it to have your revenge on James Potter, the Gryffindor. Or on Lily Evans…’
‘Indeed. Don’t think the other Slytherins did not notice how abruptly your friendship with her ended. We were not stupid. Many a person wondered what did you see in that Gryffindor, for you to defend her so determinedly…’
Severus looked away. How well he remembered the day when he’d called her that awful word. It was all James Potter’s fault. He wanted to have his revenge on the man… and he’d never achieved it.
‘No. The Dark Mark did not give me what I’d wished for’
‘Instead, it killed her. Lily Evans… and so many more… my Ted and Dora- Tell me, what did you feel when you heard you dear friend was dead? What did you feel then?!… Maybe you’ll understand what I felt when Bella killed my daughter!’
Severus barely heard the final sentence of Andromeda’s. There was a buzzing in his ears. He heard Albus’s voice again, as though from far away, telling him that Lily was dead. The knowledge that he’d brought it on himself was suffocating.
If he’d never taken the Dark Mark… if he’d never wanted to curry favor with the leader… if he’d never heard Trelawney’s prophecy… if he’d never passed it on to Voldemort…
Lily would still be alive.


Dark Magic ch 3
female, drow
Severus looked up from the texts he was studying, focusing his eyes on Lily's unmoving form. He devoted his every while to find a way to wake her up. As of right now, he'd managed – he didn't know if it was a day ago or several hours ago – to restore the correct functioning of her body. The woman breathed normally now and digested what he fed her.
Snape sighed – the most difficult part remained to be done, that is, restoring her senses and then, waking her up. The next spell required he examine her body carefully – the smallest error could result in her lacking a sense of sight, hearing or touch. No, Lily had to be perfect, the way he'd remembered her.
The man knelt by her bed and started to undress her – manually, as he was trying to use the least magic possible. There was no way of knowing how it'd affect Lily – and besides, he had no wish to draw the Aurors' attention to himself. It was enough that he'd had to use spells earlier… He could very well imagine that the Aurors wouldn't look at the situation like he did.
Lily seemed to shudder when he took her underwear off. At second glance, however, it became obvious that he'd imagined it… or he'd believed his wishful thinking to be true. He ran his fingers along her skull and checked her nostrils, mouth cavity and ears, and her delicate hands.
She was so beautiful… he ran his hands through her red hair, he trailed one of them along her cheek, and then lower, on her neck. He stared for a long while at her naked body.
Finally he succumbed to the temptation. He touched her breasts, ran his fingers over her nipples. He moved his hand lower, to her flat stomach – it was hard to believe that she'd given birth once. He gently nudged her thighs apart and touched their inner parts delicately.
While he was touching her, he couldn't believe that her skin could be so delicate, so soft, so… silky. He slipped his hand between her legs and caressed her for a long while. For a moment he thought Lily will react, that she will wake up… but he was wrong. The woman didn't even stir.
He was slipping his finger into her folds when he realized what exactly he was doing. He withdrew his hand like he'd been scalded, cursing. He turned away. 'She is asleep, what do you think you are doing?!' he thought. Immediately another voice chimed in 'And what if Lily never wakes up?…'
He hastily covered her with the bedspread and left the room. He thought he'll surely go mad in a moment, and besides, he needed a cold shower and a strong Draught of Peace. Never drinking again. He's an adult man, not a teenager who steals looks and gropes girls!
Severus was feeding Lily again when he thought she reacted to his touch. Had the spell he'd recently cast worked? She was swallowing normally – he didn't have to massage her throat. He felt a bit funny, as if he were feeding a child and not a woman he loved.
Snape remembered well what Lily liked and what she did not, and he made sure to feed her the foods from the former category. When he finished this feeding, he saw a soft smile form on her face. Was she sleeping? Or maybe she recovered the sense of taste?
He sighed. He was not used to the lack of knowledge and certainty. Every one of his potions had to be perfect, and his knowledge about its brewing impeccable. Now his attention was occupied by something much more important and he kept realizing how little he knew.
He was stumbling around blind – no one had ever succeeded in returning the dead to life. And certainly not someone who'd been dead for nearly twenty years. He cursed. The mere thought she'd once been dead… No, she was merely asleep. That's something else. She'll wake up, and he'll throw out all the Dark Magic grimoires.
He imagined Lily's face when she wakes up and recognizes him. He imagined she'd return his feelings. Only as an afterthought did he remember Potter – the boy she'd given her life for, who owed his life to her. Maybe he could introduce him to his mother – anything to make Lily happy.

Dark Magic ch. 2
female, drow
 Dark Magic ch2
Two days later, the work of Harry Potter – a young Auror – was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. Ron Weasley, who’d just started his training recently, sighed and went to the door. When he saw the man on the threshold, he cursed.
‘I’m going outta here, boss, I just got in for a moment…’
‘Stay here, Weasley. Is Potter in?’ Gawain Robards asked.
Harry set the papers he’s been reading through aside.
‘I’m right here, boss. What’s the matter?’
Gawain rubbed at his face and sat in an unoccupied hair. He coughed several times, as though he didn’t know what to say.
‘I’m afraid I don’t bring good news. Nah, it’s not about your wife or godson’ he added, lifting his palms up, when Harry started to get out of his chair ‘I don’t know how to say it, so I’ll be short – your parents’ grave at Godric’s Hollow was desecrated’
Ron opened his mouth and went to keep his brother-in-law standing up. The young Auror was shaking his head, as though trying to get his thoughts into a semblance of order.
‘Bloody hell! What happened?’ Ron asked.
‘Someone has broken into the grave of Lily and James Potter. Lily’s coffin has been opened and her body is missing. Her name and the dates were also removed from the gravestone’
‘Who could’ve done it?!’
‘I have no bloody idea!’ a frustrated Robards exclaimed. ‘That looks like pure madness! I’d normally set several Aurors to work on the case, but we’re short on men. I think you two are the best people to solve it.’ The Head Auror moved to leave, but stopped in the doorway ‘Potter? You got any idea who could have done it?’
Harry shook his head weakly.
‘I’m very sorry, Potter’ Robards said and left.
Ron mashed a clean sheet of paper into a ball and threw it at the door.
‘Maybe some guy’d hated your parents?’ he asked almost off-handedly.
‘Who?’ His brother-in-law pierced him with a look. ‘Everyone who’d known my parents well is dead. I could have understood it if it was about James – he must have made some enemies at school.’
‘Well, yeah, and everyone thinks your mum a hero. Almost a saint- Hey, maybe someone is crazy about her? Y’know, wanted to keep her to himself?’
The young Auror got up and reached for his cloak.
‘I have no damned idea’ he said, before he Disapparated.
Harry Potter sighed dejectedly. He’d already been to the cemetery in Godric’s Hollow – and had seen that Robards had indeed spoken truly – and he’s already gone through the old photo albums in search of any possible clues.
The door opened with a loud crack and his wife, Ginny, stood in the doorway. She shrugged out of her Holyhead Harpies robes and walked quickly towards him to hug him.
‘Oh, Harry, I just heard… I’m so sorry. Is any of you working on it?’
‘Robards dumped the case onto Ron and me’ he muttered darkly.
‘Well, maybe you’ll have better luck finding the culprit than someone who’d only heard about them in the tales of the Boy-Who-Lived. All the newspapers are already writing about it, but no one has any idea who could have done it’
‘Neither do I’ the young man said angrily, drumming his fingers on the table.
Ginny rubbed her chin thoughtfully while preparing food.
‘Maybe it was someone close to your mum? A girlfriend?’
‘I don’t know that she had one… But that’s a thought! I’ll look into it…’
‘Or maybe…’ Ginny hesitated suddenly ‘You know, your mum was young and beautiful. Did she have… any other admirers aside from your dad?’
Harry wanted to say “no”, but he remembered Snape suddenly. Lily’s childhood friend, whose love was not reciprocated…
‘Gin, you’re a genius! Yeah, there was someone…’ the man stopped, having suddenly remembered something ‘But he’s dead…’
‘You sure?’
‘I’ve seen him die… bleed to death…’
Mrs. Potter furrowed her brows. Those words brought only a single man to her mind.
‘Snape? Professor Snape?’
Harry nodded.
‘Did you know everything he did was for her? For my mother?’

Ghost of Love
female, drow
Ghost of Love

October of 2000

Severus Snape woke up suddenly. He glanced at the alarm clock, which was not ringing though, and then looked towards the door. In the second bedroom Evan Prince was sleeping… Evan, his old student… his son.
No sooner did he think it than he realized that it wasn't Evan's presence that woke him up. Somebody else was in the room! He reached for his wand, but was stopped by a familiar, soft voice.
'Leave it, Sev. You won't need it'
His eyes shot wide open. He pointed his wand at the source of the voice… the voice he couldn't possibly be hearing, unless he was mad or dead. Lily.
Lily Evans smiled weakly at him. Her silhouette was transparent, similar to what the Bloody Baron looked like. Her red hair retained its color though, and so did her eyes… the eyes of her sons.
'I've been waiting for so many years…' Lily's ghost said in a voice that broke.
Severus still couldn't utter a sound. The woman's specter moved towards him, concern in her eyes.
'I've been waiting for so many years for you to finally notice me. I've been there the entire time, Sev… Why haven't you seen me?'
'Lil… it's impossible… Voldemort-'
'Voldemort has killed me, but I couldn't just leave you all'
'You all?' his gut tightened at the words.
Harry… and Evan… You were my best friend, Sev. I didn't want to see you tormented by that… That's why I wasn't here immediately afterwards… immediately after I'd died…'
Snape sat on the edge of the bed, extending his arm towards her involuntarily. Lily moved back an inch, still smiling wanly.
'Then was Evan' he made a peculiar gesture with his head, neither a nod nor an indication 'just a mistake?'
Her green eyes – the ones he'd never forgotten – widened.
'Sev! How can you think that! I've… loved you… until I learned what…'
Snape glanced swiftly at her. He thought he'd heard wrong.
'I've loved you' repeated Lily (he could see her silvery tears sliding down her face) 'until I saw you among the Death Eaters…'
You saw me?' his voice failed him at the thought that she'd seen the hideous mask, the awful tattoo… He glanced at his arm against his will.
Lily fell silent, as though realizing what she'd said.
'Once. I'd recognize you anywhere, Sev. That was when I realized I have to hide our child, that he wouldn't be safe. You were my closest friend… I began to love you and then… then you cast it all aside. You preferred Lucius Malfoy. Mulciber. Avery. You preferred them over me.'
Severus looked away. He'd have liked to tell her that she is exaggerating, but he couldn't. The truth hurt – he knew Lily was right.
'Why… why did you marry him?'
'A lone woman was not safe in those times, Sev… thanks to you and your mates. James proposed – and I fell in love with him when I got to know him better. He'd grown out of the adolescent stupidity and he was quite handsome… Believe me – I didn't do it to hurt you. You still were my friend. I never stopped hoping we'd meet again. I kept asking James to apologize to you in the future. We even thought of making you Harry's godfather – but then a message came that we are to hide…' Lily's voice broke.
The ghostly shape of the woman knelt in front of him and took his hands. He did not feel her touch or her smell – how much he wanted
'Tell me, Sev – what happened to my child? To Harry?'
'He survived that night in Godric's Hollow. He went to your sister. He was a Gryffindor at Hogwarts… and too much like his father. He was arrogant, loved mischief and showing off' something prickled in his neck so he rearranged the bandage 'But he was good in Defense Against the Dark Arts and he had lots of luck. He survived more encounters with Voldemort than anyone else in the Order of the Phoenix. Your… sacrifice… wouldn't have saved him again. Voldemort was defeated and he – like he had not had enough – he decided to become an Auror'
'You speak as though there was nothing of me in him, just all of James… I know you used to teach Potions – was he any good?'
'Only in a year. The little miscreant had stolen my old book – do you remember it?'
'Sev! How can you call my son such names! I know you avoid speaking clearly, as usual, you smartass! Tell me plainly – what does Harry have of me?'
'Eyes' it slipped out before he collected his thoughts. He remembered Nagini… the Shrieking Shack… and those green eyes staring at him. He'd really believed for a moment that it was her – Lily – staring at him.
The gaze of Lily's, her sceptre's, whatever to call it, softened. Almost as if she were "reading his thoughts". He remembered she'd always been good at it, even though she'd never learnt Legilimency…
'Anything else?'
'He could choose his friends well' Snape admitted reluctantly 'He's loyal to them. He's not afraid to speak what he believes in. Although I
wouldn't be sure about his truthfulness…' he scowled.
Lily sat next to him. The furniture seemed not to have felt her weight at all. Maybe she had none? He remembered the old legend about the Peverell brothers – maybe she was as the fiancée of the second brother was…?
'Does Harry have someone? Or is he alone, like you and Evan?'
He did not ask her how did she know. Female intuition, most probably. Or maybe she'd known him too well.
'I believe he is married. That is, I believe he had a wedding ring on his hand when he'd found me.'
'You're getting less observant. Are you getting old?' Lily giggled. Suddenly her tone shifted 'He'd "found" you? What do you mean, Sev?'
'I had no wish to return after the war. I'd barely survived. It seems that Evan has found… your son and the man connected the dots and started searching for me.'
'Evan' Lily repeated like a sigh. 'Tell me something about our child, Sev…'
'He'd grown up in the orphanage you'd left him in. He came to Hogwarts, to Slytherin. He was one of my best students. He did not shame his House. After graduating he started a career abroad. A year ago he decided he wished to return and to find me. It seems he wanted answers to his questions. Maybe it was for the best that Potter had done it for me – I have no idea what I would be to tell him, Lil-'
The woman smiled in a way that induced madness in him. He realized that nothing changed even though twenty years passed. And then Lily leaned in and kissed him. He was surprised to notice he could feel her warm, sweet lips – her kisses, more and more passionate…
He didn't know when his clothes had disappeared somewhere. Lily's laughter sounded like it used to… and her red hair and her equally fiery eyes were dancing in front of his eyes.


female, drow

Spring of 1999

Ginny Weasley lay on her bed in the dormitory.
It was the middle of the night and all her colleagues were long asleep. Darkness reigned supreme, dispersed only by two silhouettes in the
middle of the room.
Two Patronuses.
The slim, silvery mare whinnied softly and backed away a few steps. The stallion in front of her stepped forward and nudged her with his mouth. Ginny could almost feel his breath on her own skin.
Her patronus tossed her head, making her mane undulate. The mare shifted her sleek legs wider when the stallion mounted her.
The world whirled before the Gryffindor girl's eyes. The copulating Patronuses seemed to be the only fixed point. For a moment she thought her fiancée lay in the bed next to her. A wave of heat consumed her.
She'd give anything for Harry to be there in reality.

Dragons of Kalon review
female, drow

Dragons of Kalon (or DoK) is
a breeding browser game. As opposed to some similar games, you don’t
need clicks or real-life money to be successful. It doesn’t take too
much of your real-life time and manages to keep your interest for long.
It also has awesome graphics and impressive genetics.

At the beginning, you receive $25,000 and 25 scales (in-game
currency), and you have the possibility of getting 5 native dragons. You
can only choose the breed the dragon will be. If you want to determine
more, you have to pay scales for the “purchase custom dragon” option.
You also get five tickets for nests/ponds. Without a nest, you won’t be
able to do anything with your dragon.

On the dragon page you can see awesome dragon images, basic
information about your dragon (age, breed, its parents, abilities) and
emblems. Emblems are displayed in the top right corner and they indicate
things your dragon is especially good at. For example, most bone
dragons will have a golden crown. It means the dragon has unusually high
courage. It will come in handy later.

Your dragons are all babies now. You should train them in basic stuff
(like come, stay, retrieve). You do this by choosing the skill and
clicking train button. Training uses 20 energy. Your babies should train
fairly quickly, gaining 7-8% with every click.

You can also play with your babies. It is useful because it allows
you to notice what the dragon will be good at. Play uses 10 energy.

If your dragon’s energy goes to 0, you can’t do anything with
him/her. You have to wait for the energy to replenish itself. Regaining
10 energy takes 60 seconds, until it reaches the maximum of 100.

You should groom your dragon (the sponge icon) every day, as there is
a chance it will shed a scale. Yes, a scale, as in the in-game currency
I mentioned. They are worth it – some of the stuff can only be bought
with them.

The dragons age (in seasons) on 1st, 8th, 16th and 22nd of each real
life month. The small tree icon on every page shows the current season,
and the words describe the weather. The weather changes everyday and it
influences the dragons’ breeding periods.

When your dragon is 1 season old, it can begin exercises (the tab
next to the training). The mechanics of exercises is rather like the
training – click and the numbers rise, but you don’t see the direct
numbers, just the abilities (below the dragon image) increasing. The
abilities are not only numbers, they’re also color-coded, with warm hues
(red, yellow, orange) being low and cold hues (green, blue) being high.
The dragon’s loyalty will increase during its’ training, albeit slowly.
The Heart statistic is determined upon a dragon’s birth and it doesn’t

When your dragon is 2 seasons old, it can begin accolades. They are
events that the dragon can do, winning money for the first three places.
You can enter a given dragon in a single accolade a day and twice a
week. You can’t, obviously, enter a dragon in several accolades, even if
they’re of the same type.

To make your dragon compete successfully, you should train him first.
You do this by clicking ‘Change Event’ and choosing the venue. Each of
the venues requires the dragon to learn some skills – some more than
others. Reading the information on accolades and individual breeds is
recommended. If you exercised your dragon, it will have some stats
noticeably higher than others. Compare the better stats with the
information on accolades and you should be good. Wait for a few
accolades too – no dragon is good immediately.

When your dragon is 4 seasons old, it will have (hopefully) competed
in several accolades and won you some money. Your dragon can now breed.
Breeding is the best part of the game, in my opinion. It is influenced
by season and weather (for example, water dragons like warm weather,
fire dragons will breed in summer and ice dragons will breed in winter).

Want to breed a fire dragon in winter? Do not worry – you can buy a
fervid oil for the money your dragons brought you (you also get $5,000
allowance every day). Slapping it on your fire dragon will let him breed
in winter or in a cold spring. The only common dragons whose breeding
season cannot be influenced by oil are earth dragons, whose breeding
season is determined by their color.

You can breed dragons of different breeds, and the egg’s breed will
be randomly determined (60% mother’s breed, 40% father’s breed).
Different breeds are good at different things, so it might produce an
interesting dragon. On the other hand, if you want a dragon good at a
single event that his breed would suggest, breeding a pair of same breed
is the way to go.

If you were successful at breeding your dragons (that’s why I hope
you had a female at the beginning instead of having to buy her) you will
get an egg. Its breed will be already determined. It will take a
real-life week to hatch. I hope you have a nest ready for the little

You can also put your dragons at stud, which does what it’s supposed
to do. You name the fee (in scales or money) and the number of
breedings. A nice way to make money and allow others to profit from your

Your dragon doesn’t do well and doesn’t produce good offspring? You
can either release him (on the home page) or sell him. If you can find a
buyer and name a low price, the latter is a better option. Releasing
does nothing apart from freeing a nest – it doesn’t bring you money.
Selling a dragon both vacates a nest and brings you scales or money.

I mentioned buying oils. You can also buy dusts (useful if you want
to go for the rarer breeds, such as bone dragons) or special equipment
(hatching hammers, sunbursts) for your money. You probably have already
acquired some sunbursts or pouches during your training. Pouches you
found are worth opening – at worst, they only contain money. At best,
you can find foxfire dust, which you can’t buy normally.

You can use the scales you acquired for buying alarm clocks, for
instance, which you can’t buy with money. Or you can save them to buy
another nest or pond for the next dragon you plan to buy or the one that
will hatch soon…

The game is great fun and is constantly being improved. It also toes
the line between being too-slow paced and too-fast paced perfectly. 4
seasons in a real-life month is a perfect time for the dragons to grow
up in. It also means that you can’t hold on to your native dragons
indefinitely – when a dragon is over 20 seasons, it will not be able to
compete and is better off retired.

If you find any bugs (they are rare, but do happen), you can report
them on Dragons of Kalon forums – and be sure that Kristen will fix them
as soon as she is able to.

If you find you got dealt really bad dragons at the start or you
can’t succeed no matter how hard you try – you can start anew. You do
not have to delete your old account. You can have as many accounts as
you want at the same time, provided there is no interaction between them
(no selling your dragons to your other account, for example).

You got lost? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of people to help you. Or you can download my breeding conditions table, colorcoded for your convenience… and the dragons list in Excel, for you to keep track of your dragons and plan on the best breeding program.

Dark Magic ch. 1
female, drow
Chapter 1
May 2000 
Severus rubbed his forehead with his hand. He tore his eyes away from the book he’d been studying. He reached for a glass and drank its entire contents in one gulp. Usually he eschewed alcohol – he had no desire to become a copy of his father – but this was an unusual situation. Those books just couldn’t be understood normally.
He flicked the light switch on, for it had become quite dark, and returned to reading. He knew it was Dark Magic – no news to him. He had had contact with it enough times when he was among the Death Eaters. Now, after the war, he wouldn’t touch it with a ten feet stick, but therein could kie the solution to his problem.
Therefore Snape delved deep into the Dark Magic volumes. He studied the incantations of the charms long forgotten and the ones that not many were brave enough to use. Using one of them was a small price for his dreams coming true.
It was a small price to pay for seeing Lily again. For restoring her to life. No… he preferred to think of it as waking her from her sleep. She’d slept for nineteen years, like a princess from a Muggle fairytale. The time has come for her to wake up. He’ll wake her up.
A certain short May night Severus found himself at the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow. It was not a place for his Lily… why did she sleep among the dead? At James Potter’s side? The thought that Potter is dead lifted his spirits – the man will not be able to interrupt him. He had her clothes – he’d found her entire wardrobe untouched in her house.
Snape walked among the graves with certainty. He knew the way by heart, by memory. He didn’t dare to light the way. Of course, the wand wasn’t his – he’d lost his that day when Voldemort sent Nagini forth to bite him…
At last he stood in front of the grave he was looking for. Here his Lily was waiting… in the wan moonlight he could read her name on the gravestone. He smiled.
‘Diffindo’ he whispered, clutching the borrowed wand in his hand.
The tomb of the Potters… of James Potter… broke in two. Like Albus’s marble tomb, when Voldemort searched for the Elder Wand two years ago. The wizard waved his wand again and the dirt arranged itself into a neat pile by the side. He could see two coffins. One belonged to James Potter, and his Lily slept in the other…
He lifted the lid of one of them. A few bones and a pinch of dust. He pressed his forehead against the side of the coffin, wondering whether it was all that remained of the girl he’d known. Then his attention was diverted by the initials carved into the lid. “J.P.”
He shut the coffin quickly and lowered it back into the grave. He deserved what he got! He carefully opened the lid of the other one. A little bit more bones. Slim, slender… like she was in her youth. He wrapped them with care in Lily’s green cloak.
He carefully cradled her in his arms. He’ll wonder later who’d transmuted… changed… her into that pile of bones. Several flicks of the wand and James Potter’s grave looked exactly like it had an hour ago.
Only a small detail was left. Considering Lily had never died, she had never lain here. Snape thought a spell and her name and the dates disappeared from the gravestone.
Severus placed Lily gently on the bed he’d had prepared for her. She was so tiny, so brittle, so breakable. He uttered one of the forgotten spells and watched in fascination as her missing bones appeared, followed by the tendons, muscles and skin.
His next word restored her eyes and hair. She looked like she was sleeping… with her eyes open. Snape could not watch her enough. It occurred to him that he knows her body better than her so-called husband. At last he closed her eyelids a bit… she looked so natural, so innocent now.
The man ran his fingers through her red hair. It was just like he remembered. Lily was so beautiful… she seemed to be only a bit older than when he’d last seen her… nineteen years ago.
She was completely naked. He barely refrained from making her his, from taking her. He was stopped by the knowledge that she was asleep. Maybe when she wakes up…
Severus slowly, methodically dressed Lily in her own clothes – that he had freshened up with a few charms – from underwear to a pair of jeans and a blouse. Then he sat back on the chair, wondering how he could possibly awaken her. From time to time he stole a glance at her sleeping form.


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